Payment for the services XBOX LIVE GIFT CARD 50€

MICROSOFT XBOX GIFT CARD With the € 10, € 25 or € 50 Xbox gift card, your friends and family can choose the applications, games, music, movies and TV shows they want. And you can enjoy this content on your Xbox or another Windows device. Activation Instructions: 1. We select the XBOX product and the amount of € 10 (XBOX balance), € 25 (XBOX balance) or € 50 (XBOX balance). 2. The terminal prints the ticket with the PIN code required for activation. 3. The cashier delivers the ticket to the customer. 4. The customer can use the printed code to upload credit to their Microsoft Xbox account. Instructions for use: 1. Enter the Xbox account, click on our name and in the drop-down menu select «Redeem code». 2. Click on “Redeem” in the “Redeem code” part. 3. Enter the PIN code printed on the ticket and press «Confirm». Enjoy balance in your account. Customer Support: - Telephone: 900 948 952 - Web: Refills of this product do not support return.

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